About Me

Before we work together, there’s something you should know…

I’m not your mother’s photographer. There’s nothing basic, cookie-cutter, or one-size-fits-all about me — from my photography style to the one-of-a-kind way I work with clients. And I’ll go to the ends of the earth (mountaintop, cliffside, you name it) to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and celebrated AF.  

The Who, What, When, Where, and Why

I am Sarah. Utah native, mom, and storyteller extraordinaire. I’m not here for the fame, the glory, or the gram. I am here to tell your story and preserve those moments, those memories, that if we blink we miss. I am a lover of everything and anything, super sentimental, and a type A personality when it comes to getting things done. 

Random Facts About Me

  1. I actually got married in Zion National Park in 2012. Back then I searched for weeks for a photographer 
  2. I’ve lived in Utah for 35 years (yes, I am 35 years old, so I have lived here my whole life.)
  3. I am a Mom who loves my kid, loves adventure, and loves my beagle.
  4. I am probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet, at least I strive to be.
  5. I cry happy tears all the time. I’ll probably cry a little at your wedding, or a little at your photoshoot when I see you interact with your sweet baby, kids, or your adoring partner. 


  • 2 – Canon 5D MKIV Camera Bodies
  • Fuji XT3 Camera Body
  • Canon 35 1.4 lens
  • Canon 50 1.2 lens
  • Canon 100 macro 28 lens
  • Canon 70-200 lens
  • Mavic DJI Air2s Drone
  • Ronin SC gimbal for video
  • Complete Off Camera Flash setup
  • Tripod for all those night shots

Whenever you’re ready for a photoshoot! But there are better times for every type of shoot. I always make sure to include a sunrise or sunset in your coverage, it has the best lighting. If traveling to Zion, the Fall and Spring bring perfect temperatures, but lots of crowds. Weekdays are best for any shoot, especially elopements. The winter brings a whole other kind of beauty to the southwest with occasional snow and minimal crowds. So beat the crowds, dress warm, and bring a sense of adventure and plan an elopement or photoshoot from December through February.

Feeling really adventurous? Mid-July through Mid-August bring the monsoons to the southwest. Expect stunning and dramatic skies, cooler temperatures, but be flexible as you could get wet or a flash flood could cause a reschedule. 

I love to travel, I’ve traveled everywhere from Mexico to Nepal, India and Thailand, Cambodia and Laos…and the list goes on, but I have found my home and my heart in Utah and in the southwest. I work mainly in the Zion National Park area, but will travel throughout Utah and into Arizona…Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend. I am a huge believer in sustainability and don’t find it sustainable or responsible to travel all over the world when there are awesome local photographers with all the local intel available to take your photos.

That being said, I do travel for personal reasons and make myself available for sessions during my travel time, so make sure to follow me on instagram for updates on my travel schedule. 

I became a Mom and suddenly realized as cliche as it sounds just how fast time flies and at the same time how stuff, things, material objects don’t really matter! Really the only thing we always have with us through this life is our memories. I have always had a camera in hand to capture moments, but once I had my son I wanted to use it to tell our story and to tell others’ stories. If you want to know what I am doing on a Friday night, it’s sitting in bed with my husband, with my baby sleeping next to us in his bassinet, scrolling through the thousands of photos I have taken of him.

There is nothing that makes me smile or puts things into perspective better than scrolling through all of the moments of his life. I am passionate about telling your story, capturing your moments, and giving you something that you and your significant other, or your children will be scrolling through one night laughing, crying, and remembering things once forgotten. I get to know you as a person, as a couple, as a family. No two photoshoots should be the same. Everyone’s story is different and therefore should be captured differently. It is my passion, my reason, my calling to give you these moments back, to give you something to hold onto. I want to capture all those special moments, big and small, from elopements to anniversaries, to summer vacations, from little dimples and baby smiles, to big kid hugs.