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Are You Ready for a Unique and Amazing Experience & Beautiful Photo Evidence To Go Along With It?

I’m so glad that you’re nodding your head ‘yes’ in excitement right now – because I’ll be doing the same next time I check my inbox and find your intake form in there!


Fill out that intake form and tell me some things about you and the vision you have in mind for your elopement or photoshoot. After I review your form and do a little happy dance, I’ll send you a link to book an initial consultation call.  Then we’ll hop on Zoom and chat as old friends do.

If everything sounds perfect to you, I’ll go ahead and send over your contract and invoice. And then I’ll work the first part of my magic and plan out an amazing photo experience that you won’t forget. We’ll meet over Zoom a few times to iron out the details, and then spend an hour or day or a week hanging out. Along the way, we’ll take some amazing photos and I’ll cry a little bit (or a lot) as I capture every beautiful moment. How does that sound? 

Your Dreams Of An Adventurous and Wild Photo Experience Are So Close To Coming True.