Motherhood & Maternity

Hey, Mama. I see you - holding your baby close, rocking them back and forth, thinking, “I never want to forget you as you are right now. Can time just slow down a little?”

That little babe of yours is going to change and grow quicker than you can even imagine. Maybe you’ve already noticed it? From one week to the next, sometimes even day by day, it’s like you have a whole new baby. New facial expressions. A smile and an actual giggle. A stronger grip, holding onto things. Reacting to sounds. A personality starting to peek through. You love who they’re becoming, but you miss who they were just the other day. I get it. And if you’re still pregnant, just you wait – the speed at which your body changed is nothing compared to what’s coming. It’s incredible, amazing, and truly a miracle.

You created this miracle.

Let’s never, ever forget your baby just as they are, right now. Let’s capture them, and your special bond, and how you are as a family. Because time is going to keep flying by. Before you know it, that little baby will be letting go of your hand and walking into their first day of preschool, ready to start navigating pieces of life on their own, apart from you.

Their thigh and forearm rolls will disappear. The baby smell will fade. And your baby won’t look like such a baby anymore. So if you want to remember them just as they are right now… And if you want to capture the beautiful, special bond that the two of you share…And if you want time to slow down, as if to freeze it, even for just one moment…Then you’re in the right place, mama.

Utah Motherhood Photographer & Maternity Photographer

Motherhood Photographer, a mother breastfeeds her baby in the outdoors
In a mirror's reflection, Family Photographer Sarah holds her baby boy

Hi, I’m Sarah!

And I must admit – I truly didn’t think motherhood would change me like it did. I didn’t get maternity photos because they didn’t feel important to me at the time. I honestly wasn’t sure if I would even bond with my baby. And I thought I would rush to get back to work, eager to fall back into my regular schedule.

But becoming a mom changed me at my core.

I’ve never felt anything so strong as my love for my baby. From the second I heard his little cry, quickly followed by the moment I actually laid eyes on him, it’s like my heart and brain burst open, exploding with a love stronger than I ever realized was possible. Now I don’t want to miss a single moment with my sweet boy, Pika.

So whether you’re still pregnant and waiting for your little one to arrive… Or you’ve already given birth and are now looking to capture these sweet early days of your baby’s life… I’m here to help freeze these moments in time so you can remember your little one just as they are, right now, before time swoops in and your memory fades.

The cliche is true:
Photos are memories
that will last a lifetime.

Capturing these memories isn’t something that I take lightly.

I don’t just show up and snap away.

Our journey together starts with you filling out my contact form and telling me a little bit about your baby and your vision for the photoshoot. Then, I’ll send over a link so that we can get on a call to go over the details, and make sure that we’re on the same page. After the contract is signed and the initial invoice is paid up, I’ll send over everything that you need in order to get started with the planning.

I’ll help you style your session so that your baby stands out against the background and among the props. If we’re doing a mom and babe shoot, or a family shoot, I will help ensure that your outfits complement each other and the surroundings.

Motherhood Photographer, a group of mothers hold their babies in their arms outside
Motherhood Photographer, a nude mother breastfeeds her baby while kneeling in the desert sands
Motherhood Photographer, a mother admires her baby in her lap

From newborn shoots, to mom and babe, to maternity, and everything in between - I’ve got a package to suit your needs.

The Investment

You also have the option to add access to my Client Closet for an additional $50, which gives you access to a wide variety of newborn and maternity clothes, all washed between sessions.

And I’m comfortable where you’re comfortable. We can do the shoot at your house, at my studio, at a rental studio in Saint George, or at a location of your choosing – pricing may vary depending on location.

Newborn – Posed or lifestyle

  • Up to 3 hours of photography, ensuring baby cooperation
  • Use of newborn props
  • Option to include parents
  • Starting at $800

Mommy and Me

  • 1 hour of photography
  • Starting at $575


  • 1 hour of photography
  • Option to include partner
  • Starting at $575

The Motherhood Package

☆ Best Value ☆

The motherhood package is a bundle of all 3 packages above – Newborn, Maternity, and Mommy and Me. This bundle also gives you access to my Client Closet and you receive a $100 print credit. This package will truly cover all your bases.

  • Starting at $1600 (save $400!!)

If you’re ready to start capturing this new adventure…

Motherhood Photography, A mom breastfeeds her baby
Maternity Photographer, an expectant mother holds her pregnant belly outside

Not sold on the idea of maternity photos? Neither was I.

When I was pregnant, I didn’t think they mattered. I was uncomfortable and ready for my baby to join me earthside.

But in becoming a mom, you will re-birth yourself. You will become a new person, and feel so many emotions that you can’t even imagine. The old me is no longer there.

Pika is becoming a person while I’m becoming a new person, and we’re growing together. And I don’t have any beautiful photos of me – of the last moments of being me before motherhood, or of the last moments that I held my baby boy inside of my body.

All I can say is that I wish that I did.

Motherhood & Maternity Photography in the Utah Area

And please know: Your family is welcome here.

No matter your marital status, your sexual orientation, or your family story and history… You are welcome and safe with me. I will celebrate your family and your baby to the fullest.

You might be wondering...

Yes. Yes. A thousand times, yes. Breastfeeding is such a beautiful journey, and I would be honored to photograph that special moment and connection between you two.

Yes, absolutely! There is an additional fee for each sibling, but they are absolutely more than welcome to join.

The newborn shoot is 3 hours long specifically for this reason – to ensure that there’s enough asleep or awake time to capture what I need to work my magic.

IF there is zero window for photos during our session, we will discuss how to move forward from there.

I’m in the baby photography business, and I have a baby myself – I understand how quickly things can change. You will have direct email access to me, and we’ll make alternate arrangements if your babe doesn’t feel like sticking to the schedule.

Truth time: I was the mom scrambling to find a newborn photographer that could fit us in right after he was born. My complicated birth made it so I couldn’t take the photos for us, and I panicked. So if you’re on this page, new babe in one arm, my website open on the other hand, believe me when I say I get it. Please reach out and I will do my best to fit you in. I understand exactly how you’re feeling right now.

Mama - the time will fly.

You’re going to forget all the little moments – what his small little hands looked like, or how tiny her little ears actually were. That half-smile she makes when she’s full and finally dozes off to sleep, or how big his eyes are when he wakes up, looking around to find you.

Let’s capture it so you can keep it forever.

Let’s slow time down – even just for a moment.