Capitol Reef Adventure Wedding

Off the beaten path, adventure, lost love found again, late night hikes along cliff edges and rocky terrain, an incredible history, yoga and incredible people are the first things that came to my mind when I thought about Mauni and Jared’s Capitol Reef Wedding.

The first email I received from Mauni was pretty basic, she wanted to get married in Capitol Reef and at the end she mentioned there would be some yoga. I got on the phone with here and soon realized there was so much more to their Capitol Reef Wedding.

First of all Jared and Mauni were high school sweethearts who grew apart as their lives went in different directions. As much as life tried to pull them apart, but as much as circumstances were set on pulling them apart, their love won out and pulled them back together some fifteen years later. Their Capitol Reef wedding wasn’t just going to be an exchange of vows, it was going to be a celebration of their love, of their lives finally uniting again, a reunion of friends and family, a celebration of the past, and a union of their two separate lives now finally one.

Capitol Reef held a special place in Mauni’s heart and since she was giving her heart to Jared it only felt right to do that in Capitol Reef. Mauni’s Dad spent his childhood growing up in Capitol Reef. Her grandfather was actually one of, if not the first Park Ranger there. His childhood and life were shaped by his experiences growing up in Capitol Reef and he passed that onto his daughter Mauni through their many camp out trips there. It was the only place for her to connect her past, present, and future.

When I talked with Jared and Mauni about their Capitol Reef Wedding, Mauni had one request…Red Rock! Jared had one request….that he have a happy bride. Their requests were going to be easy, the hardest part was going to be picking a location from the many locations in Capitol Reef. The best part about having a Capitol Reef wedding, is the park unlike other parks do not have pre-established ceremony sites. You can pick any spot and seek approval from park staff. We spent the time scouring google earth, we looked at Cathedral Valley, Hickman Arch, the Burr Trail….we looked everywhere and finally decided on a two day adventure starting with a sunset hike to Cassidy Arch an amazing, epic arch with an adventurous hike with views, followed the next day by a sunset ceremony at Panaroma Point. This Capitol Reef Wedding was going to be one for the books.

Want to see how this Capitol Reef Wedding turned out? Let me give you a hint…it was amazing. There was cliffside yoga, full moons, no people in sight, late night hikes, golden retrievers, crystals, and amazing family, amazing friends, and the sweetest couple with an insane amount of love for each other. Scroll down to check out the photos from this amazing Capitol Reef Wedding. Interested in having your own Capitol Reef Wedding click here to find out how to make it happen.

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